11 May 2023 - 8:30 am

08.30-Welcoming – Opening of the secretariat 09.00 -Opening session

Prof. Elsa Gonçalves (Director of ESESFM)
º Nurse João Fernandes (President of the Portuguese Association of Nurses)
º Representative of the Scientific Committee

09.30 – Conference:
*The Occupational Nurse in contributing to the improvement of Occupational Health Services and working conditions
Nurse Fátima Ramalho - (DGS)

10.00 – TABLE I – Health Promotion and Disease Prevention : Stop Smoking
Moderator – Nurse Cristina Colaço – HEM* Quitting smoking: The best decision a smoker can make
Nurse Carla Costa – (CHS)
* Smoking cessation consultation
Dr. Mª Teresa Costa (Galp)

10.45 – Break
TABLE 2 – Occupational Nursing: Good Practices in Occupational Health
Moderator – Nurse” Sofia Lobão (CMLoures)

* Workers' health profile: results of research work in Occupational Nursing
Nurse Vera Geraldes (CM Lisbon)
* Control of workers' exposure to infectious disease during the pandemic
Nurse Eulália Bairrão (UCS-TAP)
* Vaccination Strategies in Occupational Nursing
Nurse Cristina Colaço (HEM)
* Vaccination registration platform
Nurse Cláudia Domingos (INCM)

12.30 – Free lunch

14.00 – Conference
*Business management in the scope of Occupational Health
Nurse Luis Pereira (CHLO)

14.30TABLE III -Mental Health in the Workplace
Moderator – Nurse Rosa Gouveia (HSC)

* Impact of the pandemic on mental health and implications for workplaces
Mafalda Pitaça (Be and Fly Space – Simply Ser)
* Contributions of the Specialist Nurse in Mental Health and Psychiatry in Occupational Health Services Nurse Sandra Andrade (HEM)
* Well-being, Mental Health and Nursing at Work: a Literature Review
Doctor Isabel Lucas (ESSCVP)

3.30 pm – Break
3:45 pm - TABLE IV -Control of consumption of alcohol and other substances in the workplace Moderator – Nurse Carla Mendes (APE)

* Rigorous and demanding path in the elaboration of the Regulation of the Norms for the Prevention and Control of Excessive Alcohol Consumption
Nurse João Asseiceiro and Nurse Tânia Abrigada (CM Loures)
* Process of implementation of the Regulation of the Norms for the Prevention and Control of Excessive Alcohol Consumption
To confirm
* Guidelines for intervention in the workplace

doctor Carlos Cleto (SICAD)
16.45 – Presentation of Free Communications and Posters

08.30-Presentation of Free Papers and Posters
09.00 - Conference
*Promotion of well-being in the workplace – Doctor José Carlos Gomes (ESSLEI)

09.30 - TABLE V -The Changing Work: Challenges inherent to Telework
Moderator – Nurse Isabel Pão Alvo (HSFX)

* Legal position of the worker in telecommuting – Dr. Rui Vaz (CUATRECASAS)
* Injury prevention and diagnosis
musculoskeletal disorders in the context of telework Dr.ª Mª da Luz Moreira (Occupational physician expert in occupational diseases)
* Health surveillance of workers in telework Nurse José Bizarro (CMSeixal)

10.45 – Conference: *Ergonomics and labor issues Nurse Paulo Lopes (ULS do Baixo Alentejo, EPE)
11.15 – Break
11.45 - TABLE VI – Organization of Occupational Health and Safety Services
Moderator – Prof. António Marmeleiro (ESESFM)

* Functioning requirements of Occupational Safety and Health Services – Dr. Paula Sousa (ACT)
* Data protection in occupational health Dra. Catarina Lopes (CUATRECASAS)
* Importance of training and literacy in Occupational Health – Prof. Dulce Ferreira (ESSATLA)

12.30 – Conference: *Challenges and future perspectives of Occupational Nursing Nurse Vitor Brasileiro (ANET)
13.00- Final Session