Culture and Institutional Policy

The Escola Superior de Enfermagem S. Francisco das Misericórdias bases its educational practice on principles of Christian humanism, which it considers structural in achieving the purpose that justifies its existence as a Private Higher Education Institution, at the Polytechnic level.

It chooses the person as a fundamental subject in self-development, from conception to death. It conceives Nursing as a set of intentions, attitudes, reflections and practices that aim at the autonomy of the subject of care, believing in their intrinsic potentialities which they make profitable in the educational process, encouraging them to put them at the service of their own development and welfare.

Nursing, for its scientific and technical foundation, and for its research dynamism, is positioned as a force that helps the individual, the family and the community to adapt to the circumstances of life, in order to maintain and reinforce the balance. of health.

As a Higher Education Institution, it conceives Training as a dynamism of reflexive and pondered self-construction, aiming to accompany the student to a state of responsible autonomy with evident implications for the need for self-actualization, self-criticism and investigation, and as strategies for adaptation and correct professional practice.


The Escola Superior de Enfermagem S. Francisco das Misericórdias is a social and solidary entity: Social because it emerges and is attentive to the daily reality and to the concerns of the community in which it operates. Solidarity because it assumes the Person as the center and motivation of its activity. It is also a qualifying entity, insofar as it provides pedagogical-didactic spaces that are decisive in the professional, scientific and ethical adequacy of students.


The School intends to contribute to an optimal state of health care provision, through the commitment to the quality of the dynamics of undergraduate and postgraduate training, pure and applied research, and the organizational and functional assessment of the realities, for which it may be responsible. natural or delegated through the advisory processes within its area of competence.


The School is guided by humanist values of a Christian, Catholic matrix, on which the concepts of Person, Nursing, Training and Citizenship are based.