Tunicórdia, Tuna, School of Nursing S. Francisco das Misericórdias

Tunicórdia, Tuna from the S. Francisco das Misericórdias Nursing School has already traveled the country and the Islands, distributing and looking for music, friendship, smile, sympathy and joy in the different lands of Portugal.

Tuna was founded by a group of students who felt the need to brighten student life a little more, cultivate music and the academic spirit. It was, then, the month of October of the year 2002, having as our Godfather Mr. Father Victor Melícias. Made up of nursing students and nurses from ESESFM, it has around 30 active members, all looking for moments of joy, companionship and friendship, always with the “tuning nursing” spirit that few people genuinely know how to use.

Being a tuno at ESESFM is the result of a journey that never ends, of a path that is made walking, that is made looking around us, a condition that is acquired due to a personal and intellectual formation, in a continuous search for knowledge and of human relationship. Above all, we are students of the Escola Superior de Enfermagem S. Francisco das Misericórdias, future nurses!

Many people have passed through this Tuna, and they all miss it very much, but for them and for them we continue to enchant and sing to you!

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