Postgraduate Specialization in Rehabilitation Nursing

The Postgraduate Specialization Course in Rehabilitation Nursing (Ordinance No. 405/2007, of 10 April) comprises a body of knowledge, procedures, techniques and specific rehabilitation technologies.

The intervention of the Nurse Specialist in Rehabilitation Nursing “aims to promote early diagnosis and preventive rehabilitation nursing actions, in order to ensure the maintenance of the functional capacities of clients, prevent complications and avoid disabilities, as well as provide therapeutic interventions that aim to improve the residual functions, maintain or regain independence in life activities, and minimize the impact of installed disabilities (whether due to illness or accident), namely, in terms of neurological, respiratory, cardiac, orthopedic functions and other disabilities and disabilities.” (Regulation No. 392/2019, of May 3)

Pós-Licenciatura de Especialização em Enfermagem de Reabilitação
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