Master's in Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing

In the Portrait of Health in Portugal (DGS, 2018) mental disorders are among the five main causes of morbidity in all age groups, both in females and males, a situation that is aggravated in a pandemic context.

Mental Health is part of the integral development of the human being. Its impact on health, namely individual suffering, stigma and associated costs, constitutes a priority area of intervention in the health of the population.

The Master's Degree in Mental and Psychiatric Health Nursing, from the schools that make up the proposing consortium (São Francisco das Misericórdias Nursing School, São José de Cluny Nursing School and Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa Higher School of Health — Alto Tâmega), has aims to train nurses with skills in the field of scientific, technical, ethical and legal professional practice in the area of Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing, as well as skills in the field of continuous quality improvement and care management in conjunction with the nursing team. health, according to the best scientific evidence.

The Study Plan focuses on the promotion of mental health, prevention, diagnosis and intervention in the face of maladjusted or unadapted human responses to transition processes, generators of suffering, alteration or mental illness, promoting adaptation to stress factors, disease management, inclusion and combating stigma.

The Master allows the acquisition of the Title of Specialist Nurse in Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing, by the Order of Nurses. The intervention of the Specialist in Mental Health and Psychiatry Nursing is distinguished by its relational character and intentional use of oneself, to accompany and guide the suffering person, which is in line with the emphasis given to the humanist philosophy. And also for the implementation of therapeutic interventions of a psychotherapeutic, socio-therapeutic, psychosocial and psychoeducational nature, in partnership with the client. (OE, 2018).


with responsibilities in this master's degree

Professor Helena Júdice, Nursing School of São Francisco das Misericórdias (ESESFM);

Professor Tiago Casaleiro, School of Nursing of São Francisco das Misericórdias (ESESFM).


1st Edition of the Master's Degree, based at the Escola Superior de Enfermagem S. José de Cluny

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1st year

1st semester

Curricular Units ECTS
Nursing: Profession and Discipline 4
Ethics and deontology  2
Investigation 3
Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing 13
Psychopathology and Psychiatry 5

2nd semester

Curricular Units ECTS
Intervention in Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing 9
Personal Development and Therapeutic Relationship 6
Clinical Teaching I - Community Context 15
2nd year

1st semester

Curricular Units ECTS
Internship with Report 30
Dissertation 30
Project 30

Note: The student must choose one of the proposed Curricular Units. In case you intend to obtain the title of specialist nurse by the Order of Nurses, the mandatory Curricular Unit is Internship with Report. The duration of the production and public discussion of the Report is 215h.



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