The teaching staff is made up of teachers, most of them nurses, with degrees of Doctor, Higher Education Specialist and Masters. Integrated in the different categories of the Teaching Career of Polytechnic Higher Education, they ensure all the scientific and pedagogical activity of this higher education institution.

The teaching staff ensures permanent monitoring throughout the teaching/training process and the personal and academic development of students. The teaching methodologies are the result of a long experience in teaching in the scientific area of Nursing, continuously updated with new ways of being and thinking about teaching and training.

The new technological tools of information and communication are also considered as highly useful resources, therefore they are valued throughout the teaching-learning process.

In addition to all the pedagogical activity in the different modalities of contact, whether theoretical, theoretical-practical, seminars, laboratory practices and/or tutoring, the Professors of the permanent staff of the School defend and practice a permanent monitoring of Clinical Practice activities (internships), carried out by students during the course, thus achieving effective monitoring of all procedures and ensuring more solid knowledge, development of critical thinking and the ability to analyze the intervention carried out with the person being cared for, acquisition of dexterity and procedural skills and, also, the security with which all Nursing care is provided by the student.

The School's teaching staff also counts on the participation of Assistants and Guests who, under the direction of the responsible teachers, teach content and accompany pedagogical activities, within the scope of their area of expertise and professional experience.

Prof. Doutora Denise Santos
Prof. Drª. Maria Nunes
Prof. Drª. Paula Assunção
Prof. Doutor João Paulo Nunes
Prof. Drª. Manuela Lopes
Prof. Drª. Elsa Gonçalves
Drª. Helena Júdice
Drª. Teresa Portas
Prof. Drª. Maria Fernanda Serrano
Prof. Doutora Sandra Queiroz
Drª. Maria Antonieta Serra
Prof. Doutor Luís Lisboa Santos
Prof. Doutora Silvia Ramos
Prof. Doutora Catarina Garcia
Prof. Drª. Claudia Pinheiro
Drª. Clementina Moreira
Prof. Dr. Fernando Rato
Prof. Drª. Joana Quental
Dr. João Pedro Santos
Dr. José Matos
Dr. José Sempere
Prof. Dr. Luis Bravo
Dr. Joaquim Clemente
Drª. Maria João Gracias
Drª. Maritza da Silva
Dr. Miguel Alves
Drª. Monica Simões
Prof. Drª. Olivia Matos
Prof. Dr. Sérgio Gomes
Prof. Drª. Isabel dos Santos

Drª. Maria José Almeida
Prof. Drª. Maria de Fátima de Almeida
Prof. Drª. Maria Fernanda Moreno
Dr. Filipe Florindo
Prof. Drª. Helena Pestana
Prof. Dr. Ricardo Braga
Prof. Drª. Silvia Fernandes
Prof. Dr. Tiago Casaleiro
Dr. António Crispim
Prof. Doutor Daniel Mineiro
Prof. Drª. Carla Quaresma
Dr. Gustavo Silva
Drª. Marta Godinho
Prof. Dr. Rui gomes
Drª. Célia Pereira
Prof. Dr. Rui Martins
Prof. Drª. Sandra Correia
Dr. Vitor Ferreira
Drª. Cláudia Pereira
Drª. Filipa Domingues
Dr. Lúcio Silva
Prof. Doutora Gabriela Pereira
Prof. Doutor Marco Torrado
Drª. Joana Grave
Dr. Hugo Rodrigues
Prof. Drª. Luísa Caldas
Dr. Rafael Ferreira
Prof. Drª. Joana Silva
Dr. Pedro Sarmento